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Professional Driving Services


About Professional Driving Services

My HGV Driving agency is called Professional Driving Services or PDS for short, my name is Paul Webster. I started my working life at 11 when I helped to deliver milk at the local dairy. Later I started my own milk round delivering only about 25 pints on the first day. The dairy steadily grew, until I was running several rounds (Paul's Pintas). The large local supermarkets and their low prices spelled death for many small door to door delivery services. So, seeing the writing on the wall, I sold up while I had the chance.

After a short break I started lorry driving, having taken my HGV 1 licence during my milk round days. So from driving for various firms and several Driving Job Agencies I decided to set up Professional Driving Services in 2000 for the new millennium, offering reliability, punctuality and all round good quality HGV driving services.


So think PDS, for Driving down the cost of delivery



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